Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide

Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide

Soul Syntropy owner Sally Cowman sitting on the ground.


Sally is a Somatic Coach and Priestess with a rich background in Natural Medicine and 13 years of experience in private practice.

She earned an ICF-accredited diploma in Body Oriented Coaching from the London-based Somatic School and furthered her understanding of Trauma Therapy through certified programmes led by renowned speaker and author, Gabor Mate. 

Sally is a fully accredited Priestess, trained in Glastonbury and skilled in Divine Feminine archetypal work. Since 2018 she has deepened her meditation practice under the guidance of Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

She holds a degree in Nutritional Medicine and a postgrad qualification from the Institute For Functional Medicine. 

Committed to continuous learning and growth, Sally is currently enjoying the contemplative study of The Gene Keys, a system of self-understanding developed by Richard Rudd.

“As I evolve, I understand that wellbeing is rather complex. It involves our physical body, the thoughts of our mind and the wisdom of our emotions. It can also become a spiritual journey of awakening if we choose to see it this way.”

Sally Cowman, Soul Syntropy

Sally Cowman of Soul Syntropy balancing on a log.


Wired for emotional sensitivity from a young age, I’ve spent much of my life exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of my body, my mind and my emotions.

In my 20’s and 30’s, I had the unforeseen challenges of severe endometriosis, surgeries, unsuccessful IVF, and the emotional turmoil of divorce. I was determined to feel better within myself, and these experiences, while overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, served as the catalyst for a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. 

I followed my innate curiosity for science and spirituality, dove deep into liberating shadow work and found meaning in life. I embodied the knowledge I’d gained and used it as the foundation for the work I do today. 

This journey led to the creation of Soul Syntropy. 

Syntropy means a tendency towards coherence, order and life. It is my intent to provide spaces where women can find coherence in their life.  All is welcome, all is sacred and challenges are seen as opportunities to turn inward on a path of self-discovery, growth and freedom.

With Love,

Sally x


✓ ICF Accredited Body Oriented Coach

✓ Post Graduate Diploma in Functional Medicine (AFMCP)

✓ Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Medicine (BSc)

✓ Accredited Priestess of Love and Sacred Sexuality

✓ DNALife Practitioner

*My work is trauma-informed. 

*Biochemical imbalances can contribute to disrupted emotional and mental health.  When needed I combine nutritional medicine with somatic coaching to support clients.

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