Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide

Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide


 Cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness: 
Understand your mind and emotions so that you can shift unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Effectively process emotions as they arise: 
Accept and alchemise emotional discomfort in a healthy and constructive way as you navigate the ups and downs of life. 

Adopt an authentically coherent mindset:
Transition from a state of worry or overthinking to embrace a more relaxed and lighthearted way of being.

Break free from external influences and self-doubt
Compassionately detach from social norms, family expectations, and your own doubts, giving space for authentic decisions and actions.

Stay present:
Recognise when your attention is being pulled towards past events or future anxieties, and turn your focus to the present moment.

Experience tranquillity:
Quiet the constant stream of thoughts that can lead to mental exhaustion.

Create an unwavering trust in yourself:
Cultivate a grounded sense of self-worth, self-belief and discernment that enables healthy and wise decision making.

Communicate with authentic self expression:
Tap into emotional insights and inner wisdom to enhance truthful communication in a considered and effective way. 

Connect to a place of profound inner peace:
Find a deep sense of harmonious contentment, regardless of external circumstances.

Nurture the relationship with your Higher Self: Give yourself the quiet space to turn inward and allow your inner knowledge to emerge.

Self Discovery

When you come for your Somatic Coaching sessions, you’ll have the time to talk about the current challenges you wish to navigate.

You’ll deepen your self-awareness by exploring fears, limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions.

As you process emotions with compassion and acceptance you’ll integrate and embody the inner wisdom that has arisen allowing you to move forward in life with a deep sense of mental, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Sally Cowman of Soul Syntropy balancing on a log.


Somatic Coaching is a heart-centred process of awakening based on divine feminine principles. The body and the heart take the lead with the mind as a willining companion. 

As you connect inward you’ll hear the radiant wisdom of your soul creating an inner harmony that radiates out and contributes to a new, safe and peaceful world.

SESSION: In Person Coaching 
PRICE: £60.00

SESSION: Online Coaching
PRICE: £60.00


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