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Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide

Somatic Life Coaching

Sally Cowman can help you develop your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Somatic Life Coaching

Welcome to Soul Syntropy

A sanctuary for self discovery, giving you the time and space to explore the emotions held within your body.

I’m Sally Cowman, Somatic Coach and Priestess.

I accompany women as they make sense of life and move forward with clarity, sovereignty and trust. 


By listening to their feelings, connecting to their intuition and embodying a wealth of soulful inner wisdom.

What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic means “relating to, or affecting, the body” whilst coaching encourages self development and evolution.

Somatic Coaching is a talking and embodiment therapy that helps you to process emotions that are held within your body. It allows you to access essential information that can help you navigate challenging experiences and move forward in life.

In each coaching session, I use somatic techniques to 

Nourish your nervous system

Encourage physical relaxation

Create coherent alpha brain waves 

This calm state of being makes it easier for you to connect to and process emotions. As you gently release stress and trauma you create a flexible emotional foundation where new insights and fresh perspectives emerge. 

Through Somatic Coaching a sense of freedom, authenticity and wholeness arises as the mind and body unite to create emotional, mental and spiritual welbeing. 

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