Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide

Chester, Cheshire & Nationwide

Work with me. Helpful things to know.

Sally Cowman of Soul Syntropy.

It’s key that you choose the right person to work with you as you embrace your emotional and spiritual well-being.




What qualifications do you have?  

ICF accredited Somatic Body Oriented Coach (2023)

Accredited Priestess (2018)

Postgrad qualification from the Institute For Functional Medicine (AFMCP, 2017).

DNA Life Practitioner (2016).

BSc in Nutritional Medicine (2010)


How much do you charge?  

£60 per each 50 minute coaching session.


Where are the sessions held? 

In-person sessions are held at my office in Hoole, Chester, Cheshire.

I also offer online Zoom sessions, allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home.

I ask that, for the duration of the consultation, you create a quiet, private space for you to focus on yourself.  


How long does a session last? 

50 -55 minutes

How long will I need to work with you?  

The journey is guided by you.  My wish is to see your emotional and spiritual well-being blossom and my job is to support you in a considered and effective manner.  


What happens in a session? 

First, you tell me about yourself and your journey so far. I’ll ask you about what it is you wish to achieve and what a successful outcome would be for you.  

I may recommend resources for self-enquiry, meditation, connection with Mother Nature, journal prompts, somatic exercises, nutrition, supplementation or functional testing.   

Each session complements any conventional treatment plan you have with your GP or Consultant.  


How do we track my progress? 

Through a proven coaching framework that checks in with you at the end of each session and throughout the programme.  

If you need support that is beyond my experience and knowledge I will say so. I also ask that you be respectful and committed to your journey. 


My greatest joy is to see my clients thrive in mind, body, and spirit, to see them gain a greater understanding of their journey and make meaning out of their experiences. I intend for them to leave my care with knowledge and skills that support the maintenance of their emotional and spiritual well-being.

If there’s any more you’d like to know, please get in touch with me.

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